56 ITAD01 Cloud Colonography: Distributed Medical Testbed over Cloud.
57 ITAD02 MoveWithMe: Location Privacy Preservation for Smartphone Users
58 ITAD03 Multiplayer Interaction Platform with Gaze Tracking for Individuals with Autism
59 ITAD04 Fammeal: a gamified mobile application for parents and children to help health care centers treat childhood obesity
60 ITAD05 Supervisory Performance Control of Concurrent Mobile Apps for Energy Efficiency
61 ITAD06 Which App Is Going to Die? A Framework for App Survival Prediction with MultiTask Learning
62 ITAD07 Privacy Risk Analysis and Mitigation of Analytics Libraries in the Android Ecosystem
63 ITAD08 Lightweight Sharable and Traceable Secure Mobile Health System
64 ITAD09 Context-aware Placement of Industry 4.0 Applications in Fog Computing Environments
65 ITAD10 Fast Secure and Anonymous Key Agreement Against Bad Randomness for Cloud Computing
66 ITAD11 A Performance-Sensitive Malware Detection System Using Deep Learning on Mobile Devices
67 ITAD12 Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on Spectral Lp/Lq Norm Ratio and Spectral Gini Index for Rotating Machine Health Monitoring
68 ITAD13 Towards Automatic Detection of Nonfunctional Sensitive Transmissions in Mobile Applications
69 ITAD14 Mobile-App-Online-Website Dual Channel  Strategies: Privacy Concerns, E-Payment Convenience, Channel Relationship, and Coordination
70 ITAD15 Review of Human–Machine Interfaces for Small Unmanned Systems With Robotic Manipulators
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