9 ITAD01 Arduino Based Iot Device for Septuagenarian Fall Detection
10 ITAD02 Arduino based Hardware Implementation of Automatic Side Stand for Motor Bike
11 ITAD03 Arduino and Remote based Gesture Keyboard
12 ITAD04 Design and Development of Temperature Control Loop of Hair Dryer Using Arduino
13 ITAD05 Arduino based Sensor Equipped Fire Surveillance Drone
14 ITAD06 Design and Development of IoT based Robotic Arm by using Arduino
15 ITAD07 Design and Implementation of an Arduino Based Smart Home
16 ITAD08 ATM Security System Using Arduino
17 ITAD09 Arduino Based traffic congestion control with automatic signal clearance for emergency vehicles and Stolen Vehicle Detection
18 ITAD10 Arduino based Automated Domestic Waste Segregator
19 ITAD11 Real-time Location Tracker for Critical Health Patient using Arduino, GPS Neo6m and GSM Sim800L in Health Care
20 ITAD12 Arduino based Automated Sports Court Drawing Bot
21 ITAD13 Design and Implementation of Intelligent Light Control System Based on Arduino
22 ITAD14 Arduino based Smart Borewell Ambulance Rescue System
23 ITAD15 An Automated Electronic tounge with instantaneous taste detectors using IR sensor and Arduino
24 ITAD16 Smart Door Using Biometric NFC Band and OTP Based Methods
25 ITAD17 Intelligent Braking System Voice Assisted and Gesture Controlled Companion Robot
26 ITAD18 Sand Mining Detection – Using IOT
27 ITAD19 Automated Smart Locker for College
28 ITAD20 Obstacle Detecting Multifunctional AGRIBOT Driven By Solar Power
29 ITAD21 An IoT-Based Smart Aquarium Monitoring System
30 ITAD22 Two-way Authentication Secured Voting System
31 ITAD23 Smart Pill Box for Visually Challenged People
32 ITAD24 Object Detection for Blind People using MATLAB
33 ITAD25 Enhancement of ATM Transactions by Implementing Finger Print Recognition
34 ITAD26 Smart Helmet System for Accident Prevention
35 ITAD27 Voice and Hand Gesture Based Home Automation for Physically Challenged
36 ITAD28 Bus Indication for Visually Challenged People using RFID
37 ITAD29 Implementation of Smart Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Control System
38 ITAD30 Safety and Health Monitoring Helmet for Construction Workers
39 ITAD31 Efficient Power Saver for Street light using Solar Power
40 ITAD32 Smart Assistance for Dumb and Deaf
41 ITAD33 Building a Fish Vegetable Coexistence System Based on a Wireless Sensor Network
42 ITAD34 Designing of Smart and Secure Single ATM Card for Multiple bank Accounts
43 ITAD35 Smart Electricity Meter Data Intelligence for Future Energy System
44 ITAD36 Solar Panel Power Monitoring System using Lo-Ra
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