166 ITBM01 Arduino based Virtual Keyboard for Locked-in-Syndrome
167 ITBM02 Implementation of Internet of Things in Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation Course Project
168 ITBM03 Arduino based Real Time Drowsiness and Fatigue Detection for Bikers using Helmet
169 ITBM04 Low-Complexity System and Algorithm for an Emergency Ventilator Sensor and Alarm
170 ITBM05 Gesture Controlled Wheel Chair and Convertible Wheel Chair into Stretcher
171 ITBM06 Detection of White Blood Cell Cancer using Image Processing and Updated in IOT
172 ITBM07 Diagnosis of Skin Cancer using Arduino and Image Processing
173 ITBM08 Thyroid Detection System using Image Processing and Arduino
174 ITBM09 Glaucoma Detection using Fundus Images of the Eye
175 ITBM10 Supervised Saliency Map Driven Segmentation of Lesions in Dermoscopic Images
176 ITBM11 Retinal Layer Abnormality Detection in OCT Images
177 ITBM12 Plasmodium Falciparum Detection in Microscopic Blood Cell Images to Avoid Sudden Death of People from Malaria
178 ITBM13 Medical Smart Card System for Patient Record Management
179 ITBM14 Patient Health Care Monitoring and Tracking System
180 ITBM15 Smart Tiles for Elder Tracking and Fall Detection System
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