148 ITJDBC01 Application of Block Chaining Technology in Finance and Accounting Field
149 ITJDBC02 Design of Chaotic Block Cipher Operation Mode for Intelligent Transportation Systems
150 ITJDBC03 An Efficient Data Security in Medical Report using Block Chain Technology
151 ITJDBC04 Scalable MCMC in Degree Corrected Stochastic Block Model
152 ITJDBC05 A Study on smart city security policy based on blockchain in 5G Age
153 ITJDBC06 Formal Specification Technique in Smart Contract Verification
154 ITJDBC07 A Personal Information Management Using BlockChain
155 ITJDBC08 What are the Stumbling Blocks to Making Product Lifecycle Management Routine in Organizations?
156 ITJDBC09 Chained Compressed Sensing: A Block-Chain-inspired Approach for Low-cost Security in IoT Sensing
157 ITJDBC10 White-Box cryptography based data encryption-decryption scheme for IoT environment
158 ITJDBC11 Method of Fast Video Inpainting
159 ITJDBC12 Dead Time Compensation for High-flux Depth Imaging
160 ITJDBC13 Analogue Radio Over Fiber Aided MIMO Design for the Learning Assisted Adaptive C-RAN Downlink
161 ITJDBC14 Communications under the Constraint of de-chirp Channel Distortion
162 ITJDBC15 Dynamic Key Generation for Polymorphic Encryption
163 ITJDBC16 Cryptographic Primitives and Design Frameworks of Physical Layer Encryption for Wireless Communications
164 ITJDBC17 Secure Social Media Spaces for Communities of Vulnerable People
165 ITJDBC18 Research on Digital Copyright Management System Based on Blockchain Technology
166 ITJDBC19 Code Design Based on Connecting Spatially Coupled Graph Chains
167 ITJDBC20 Blockchain as a Tool for Financial Transparency in Development Aid
168 ITJDBC21 Super-Resolution of Single Remote Sensing Image Based on Residual Dense Backprojection Networks
169 ITJDBC22 JS Digital Assets Trading System
170 ITJDBC23 The upcoming Blockchain adoption in Higher-education: requirements and process
171 ITJDBC24 Blockchain based smart energy trading platform using smart contract
172 ITJDBC25 Wallets and Crypto Terminals for Blockchain; Introducing the Big Bang paradigm
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