Prevalence of Bad Smells in SQL Projects

Code Smell can be defined as any feature in the source code of a software that may indicate possible problems. In database languages, the term Bad Smell has been used as a generalization of Code Smell, once some features that are not directly related to code also can indicate problems, such as, for instance, the inappropriate type of an index structure or a SQL query written inefficiently.

Exploratory software testing in agile project

Software testing is an important process in a software development life-cycle as validation and verification mechanisms to guarantee the quality of the intended software product.

Preparing ECE Students for research Career in Nanotechnology Via Track Program

This paper details the research participation of undergraduate students from the freshman to the senior year. Four courses were designated to prepare students for a nanotechnology research career. New modes of instructions leading to research participation followed in this curriculum have been reported.

Projects in Undergraduate and MSc Courses

The author discusses the resources required for RF engineering projects for third or fourth year undergraduates and MSc students. The need for establishing good contacts with industry is emphasised.

New MBA Bridges Business-Technology Gap

Summary form only given as follows. There are a number of challenges in the development of an MBA program designed to meet the needs of technology industries. These challenges include: maintaining a balance between business and technology management, integrating the various business functions in the curriculum, maintaining a global and strategic management perspective, and tailoring the program to the specific industries that the program serves.

Mechatronics Course Projects for use in Simulation Center

A senior-level technical elective for mechanical engineering and electrical engineering students has been offered annually. In the course, the students follow a traditional course structure and lecture following a textbook focusing on mechatronics.

Virtual Building for Construction Projects

Although computer-aided design is widely used in the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry, the exchange of information is still largely a manual process, where 2D paper drawings are reviewed to identify conflicts.

Data mining project

Text Mining as known as text analysis is a technology which helps to convert unstructured textual data to structured textual data. It is a part of data mining which is also known as Text Data Mining.

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