227 ITCS01 Online transaction fraud detection using backlogging on e-commerce website
228 ITCS02 Pocket certificates using double encryption
229 ITCS03 Sql injection prevention system php
230 ITCS04 Encryption & decryption using deffie hellman algorithm
231 ITCS05 Secure backup software system
232 ITCS06 Secure e learning using data mining techniques
233 ITCS07 Android video encryption & sharing
234 ITCS08 Secure file sharing using access control
235 ITCS09 Image authentication based on watermarking approach
236 ITCS10 Digital watermarking to hide text messages
237 ITCS11 Matrix based shoulder surfing security system
238 ITCS12 Improved session password based security system
239 ITCS13 Android text encryption using various algorithms
240 ITCS14 Rfid based smart evm for reducing electoral frauds
241 ITCS15 Secure online auction system
242 ITCS16 School security system (sss) using rfid
243 ITCS17 E authentication system using qr code & otp
244 ITCS18 Secure text transfer using diffie hellman key exchange based on cloud
245 ITCS19 Android based encrypted sms system
246 ITCS20 Detecting phishing websites using machine learning
247 ITCS21 Secure electronic fund transfer over internet using des
248 ITCS22 Preventing phishing attack on voting system using visual cryptography
249 ITCS23 Card payment security using rsa
250 ITCS24 Secure file storage on cloud using hybrid cryptography
251 ITCS25 Atm detail security using image steganography
252 ITCS26 Image steganography using kmeans & encryption
253 ITCS27 Implementing triple des with otp
254 ITCS28 Fingerprint authenticated secure android notes
255 ITCS29 Customized aes using pad and chaff technique and diffie hellman key exchange
256 ITCS30 Detecting data leaks via sql injection prevention on an e-commerce
257 ITCS31 Cloud based improved file handling and duplication removal using md5
258 ITCS32 Cloud based student information chatbot project
259 ITCS33 Secure file storage on cloud using hybrid cryptography
260 ITCS34 Secure file storage on cloud using hybrid cryptography
261 ITCS35 Financial status analysis using credit score rating
262 ITCS36 Hybrid payment security model for e commerce
263 ITCS37 Fingerprint authenticated secure android notes
264 ITCS38 Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum
265 ITCS39 High security encryption using aes & visual cryptography
266 ITCS40 A new hybrid technique for data encryption
267 ITCS41 Extended aes with custom configurable encryption
268 ITCS42  Image encryption using aes algorithm
269 ITCS43  Image encryption using triple des
270 ITCS44 Graphical password to avoid shoulder surfing
271 ITCS45 Secure data transfer over internet using image steganography
272 ITCS46 Secure electronic fund transfer over internet using des
273 ITCS47 Smart android graphical password strategy
274 ITCS48 Image encryption for secure internet transfer
275 ITCS49 Secure remote communication using des algorithm
276 ITCS50 Secure atm using card scanning plus otp
277 ITCS51 Secure lab access using card scanner plus face recognition
278 ITCS52 Active chat monitoring and suspicious chat detection over internet
279 ITCS53 Credit card fraud detection
280 ITCS54 Remote user recognition and access provision
281 ITCS55 Collective face detection project
282 ITCS56 College automation project
283 ITCS57 Automated attendance system
284 ITCS58 Mobile attendance system project
285 ITCS59 Improved data leakage detection
286 ITCS60 Criminal investigation tracker with suspect prediction
287 ITCS61 Facial expression recognition
288 ITCS62 Graphical password by image segmentation
289 ITCS63 Android anti-virus application
290 ITCS64 Three level password authentication system
291 ITCS65 Attack source tracing project
292 ITCS66 Graphical password strategy
293 ITCS67 Software piracy protection project
294 ITCS68 File encryption using fibonacci series
295 ITCS69 Hybrid aes des encryption algorithm(any combination of algorithms is available)
296 ITCS70 Internet border patrol
297 ITCS71 Detecting data leaks
298 ITCS72 Camera motion sensing project
299 ITCS73 Mobile self encryption
300 ITCS74 Detecting data leaks
301 ITCS75 Sql injection prevention project
302 ITCS76 Improved honeypot project
303 ITCS77 Video surveillance project
304 ITCS78 An appraisal of the role of cloud computing as a change agent in people management
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