116 ITJDDM01 Deep Spatial-Temporal 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Traffic Data Forecasting
117 ITJDDM02 Robust Obstacle Detection and Recognition for Driver Assistance Systems
118 ITJDDM03 A Parallel Proof of Work to Improve Transaction Speed and Scalability in Blockchain Systems
119 ITJDDM04 Finding and Tracking Multi-Density Clusters in Online Dynamic Data Streams
120 ITJDDM05 Computing Co-location Patterns in Spatial Data with Extended Objects: a Scalable Buffer-based Approach
121 ITJDDM06 A Constrained Randomization Approach to Interactive Visual Data Exploration with Subjective Feedback
122 ITJDDM07 Measures of Scatter and Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Uncertain Data
123 ITJDDM08 TourSense: A Framework for Tourist Identification and Analytics Using Transport Data
124 ITJDDM09 Road Edge Detection in All Weather and Illumination via Driving Video Mining
125 ITJDDM10 A Fluid Mechanics-Based Data Flow Model to Estimate VANET Capacity
126 ITJDDM11 The Curse of Knowledge in Visual Data Communication
127 ITJDDM12 End-to-End Automatic Image Annotation Based on Deep CNN and Multi-Label Data Augmentation
128 ITJDDM13 Multiview Learning for Early Prognosis of Academic Performance: A Case Study
129 ITJDDM14 Serendipity—A Machine-Learning Application for Mining Serendipitous Drug Usage From Social Media
130 ITJDDM15 Software Architecture for Automating Cognitive Science Eye-Tracking Data Analysis and Object Annotation
131 ITJDDM16 Improving Data Analytics with Fast and Adaptive Regularization
132 ITJDDM17 Survey and Analysis of Current End-user Data Analytics Tool Support
133 ITJDDM18 Interactive Bike Lane Planning using Sharing Bikes’ Trajectories
134 ITJDDM19 Incentive Mechanism for Multiple Cooperative Tasks with Compatible Users in Mobile Crowd Sensing via Online Communities
135 ITJDDM20 T-PCCE: Twitter Personality based Communicative Communities Extraction System for Big Data
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