173 ITJDGC01 Study of Decision-making System for Power Grid Consistency Planning
174 ITJDGC02 Research on Wide-area Distributed Power Quality Data Fusion Technology of Power Grid
175 ITJDGC03 Economic Operation Platform for Power Grid Company
176 ITJDGC04 SBAS-DInSAR GRID processing on-demand: A case study
177 ITJDGC05 A Fast Density-Grid Based Clustering Method
178 ITJDGC06 An Approach of the JADE and Simulink Interaction to Control Smart Grid Based on the Multi Agent System
179 ITJDGC07 An Investigation on Detecting Bad Data Injection Attack in Smart Grid
180 ITJDGC08 Integration of IoT and Smart Grid to Reduce Line Losses
181 ITJDGC09 Towards Optimization Approaches in Smart Grid A Review
182 ITJDGC10 Analysis of Digital Utility Endpoints in Smart Grid using Modular Computing Platform
183 ITJDGC11 Internet of Things Based Smart Grids Supported by Intelligent Edge Computing
184 ITJDGC12 Design and Implementation of Smart Load Management (SLM) between Grid and Solar Generation
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