122 ITGP01 Patient Health Monitoring System using GPS & GSM
123 ITGP02 Theft Alert of Vehicle with Fingerprint Verification using GSM & GPS
124 ITGP03 Disaster Management and Early Warning System
125 ITGP04 ATM Security using GSM & GPS
126 ITGP05 Weather Monitoring System using GPS & GSM
127 ITGP06 Gas Leakage and Fire Detection using GPS & GSM
128 ITGP07 Obstacle Detection and Emergency Alert for Visually Challenged People by using GSM & GPS
129 ITGP08 Alert Message to Parent about Child Arrival & Depart from School by using GSM
130 ITGP09 Sleep Detection with Driver Assistance Security for Accident Avoidance based System
131 ITGP10 Violence Alert System to Police using GSM & GPS with the help of MATLAB
132 ITGP11 GSM Based Irrigation System ForMoitoringAgriculture
133 ITGP12 Arduino GSM based Power Theft Detection and Energy Metering System
134 ITGP13 Automatic gate control for highly secure organization using RFID and GSM Technology
135 ITGP14 Development and Performance Analysis of a GPS-GSM Guided System for Vehicle Tracking
136 ITGP15 An Effiecient Smart Irrigation System for Solar System by using PIC and GSM
137 ITGP16 IoT Based Health Monitoring System
138 ITGP17 Low power Smart Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring, Collision avoidance and Antitheft System
139 ITGP18 Fuel Theft Prevention System
140 ITGP19 IOT Based Smart Helmet for Construction Workers
141 ITGP20 Smart Vehicle Parking System Using IoT
142 ITGP21 Arduino based Smart Walking Cane for Visually Impaired People
143 ITGP22 Internet of Things (IoT) Based Fire Alert Monitoring System for Car Parking
144 ITGP23 Smart Wearable Device for Women Safety Using IoT
145 ITGP24 Development of a LPG Monitoring and Automatic Cylinder Booking System Based on WSN
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