106 ITJDIM01 Optimized Multi operator Image Retargeting Based on Perceptual Similarity Measure
107 ITJDIM02 RankBasedImageWatermarkingMethodWithHighEmbe dding Capacity and Robustness
108 ITJDIM03 Real-time Semantic Search using Approximate Methodology for Large-scale Storage Systems
109 ITJDIM04 Sparse Contextual Activation for Efficient Visual Reranking
110 ITJDIM05 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reversible Image Transformation
111 ITJDIM06 Online Multi-modal Distance Metric Learning with Application to Image Retrieval
112 ITJDIM07 On the Security of Permutation-Only Image Encryption Schemes
113 ITJDIM08 Adaptive Reversible Data Hiding by Extending the Generalized Integer Transformation
114 ITJDIM09 Low-Complexity Multiclass Encryption by Compressed Sensing
115 ITJDIM10 Semantic Sparse Recoding of Visual Content for Image Applications
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