45 ITIOT01 IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System
46 ITIOT02 Smart Energy Efficient Home Automation System Using IoT
47 ITIOT03 Automation in Agriculture and IoT
48 ITIOT04 Wireless Power Transmission for the Internet of Things (IoT)
49 ITIOT05 Design and Analysis of IoT-Based Intelligent Robot for Real-Time Monitoring and Control
50 ITIOT06 Development of an Energy Meter based on IoT
51 ITIOT07 An IoT-Based Intelligent System for Real-Time Parking Monitoring and Automatic Billing
52 ITIOT08 Design and Analysis of IoT based Air Quality Monitoring System
53 ITIOT09 Waste Management Improvement in Cities using IoT Low Cost IoT Enabled Weather Station
54 ITIOT10 IoT Based Power Monitoring System for Smart Grid Applications
55 ITIOT11 Protecting the Agriculture field by IoT Application
56 ITIOT12 Internet of Things (IoT) Based Smart Health Care Medical Box for Elderly People
57 ITIOT13 Wheelchair control through eye blinking and IoT platform
58 ITIOT14 Development of IoT Heartbeat and Body Temperature Monitoring System for Community Health Volunteer
59 ITIOT15 Agricultural Field Monitoring System Based on IOT
60 ITIOT16 Home Automation and Security using IOT
61 ITIOT17 Sensor Based Garbage Segregation and Monitoring System using IOT
62 ITIOT18 Women Safety Smart Device with Location Sharing using IOT
63 ITIOT19 Theft Vehicle Number Plate Tracking using MATLAB & Alert System in IOT
64 ITIOT20 IOT Based Emergency and Theft Vehicle Identification in Traffic System using RFID
65 ITIOT21 IOT Based Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Controlling
66 ITIOT22 Supermarket Shopping Cart System Using IOT And RFID Technology
67 ITIOT23 Smart Gardening Automation using IOT
68 ITIOT24 Automobiles Based Black-Box System using IOT
69 ITIOT25 Automatic Railway Gate Crossing Control and Track Crack Detection System using IOT
70 ITIOT26 Smart Infant Incubator using IOT
71 ITIOT27 IOT Based Automated FishFeeder
72 ITIOT28 Smart Car Parking System using IOT
73 ITIOT29 Flood Early Detection and Alert System using IOT
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