74 ITLF01 Room Identification Guidance for Blind People in the House using Li-F
75 ITLF02 Li-Fi Based Communication System Between Vehicles to Avoid Accidents on Road
76 ITLF03 Isolated Patient Health Monitoring for COVID treatment using Li-Fi
77 ITLF04 Li-Fi Based Home Automation
78 ITLF05 Navigation System for Vehicles in Complex Road Intersection
79 ITLF06 Implementation of Li-Fi Technology in Supermarkets
80 ITLF07 Machine to Machine (PC-PC) Data Transmission Through Li-Fi
81 ITLF08 Bus Arrival Information for Passengers in Bus Stop Through Li-Fi
82 ITLF09 Audio Transmission using LiFi Technology
83 ITLF10 Real Time Text Transmission Implemented for Underwater Wireless Communication using Li-Fi
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