86 ITJDNW01 Efficient P2P Storage Scheme with Privacy Protection
87 ITJDNW02 An Improved Bound for Minimizing the Weighted Completion Time of Coflows  Datacenters
88 ITJDNW03 Approach to mine the Modularity of Software Network Based on the Most Vital Nodes
89 ITJDNW04 Comparative Analysis of Control Plane Security  of SDN and Conventional Networks
90 ITJDNW05 Combination Networks with or without Secrecy  Constraints: The Impact of Caching Relays
91 ITJDNW06 Cyber Risk Analysis of Combined Data Attacks Against Power System State Estimation
92 ITJDNW07 Enhancing WAMS Communication Network Against Delay Attacks
93 ITJDNW08 On Similarities of String and Query Sequence for  DGA Botnet Detection
94 ITJDNW09 A Survey of Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods for Cyber Security Intrusion Detection
95 ITJDNW10 An Exact Algorithm for the Shortest Path Problem With Position-Based Learning Effects
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