217 ITPHP01 Distributed Energy Management for Multiple Data Centers with Renewable Resources and Energy Storages
218 ITPHP02 A Cost Minimization Resource Allocation Model for Disaster Relief Operations with an Information CrowdsourcingBased MCDM Approach
219 ITPHP03 The Impact of R&D Investments on Eco-Innovation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective of Green Technology Management
220 ITPHP04 New Product Development During the Last Ten Years: The Ongoing Debate and Future Avenues
221 ITPHP05 Learning-based Online Transmission Path Selection for Secure Estimation in Edge Computing Systems
222 ITPHP06 A Computing Budget Allocation Method for Minimizing EV Charging Cost Using Uncertain Wind Power.
223 ITPHP07 Activity Organization for Friend-Making Optimization in Online Social Networks
224 ITPHP08 SAFE: A General Secure and Fair Auction Framework for Wireless Market with Privacy Preservation.
225 ITPHP09 Where Am I Parking: Incentive Online Parking-Space Sharing Mechanism with Privacy Protection
226 ITPHP10 Feature-Level Rating System Using Customer Reviews and Review Votes
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