ITPW1 Interleaved High Gain Bidirectional�DC-DC�Converter�for Grid Integrated�Solar�PV Fed Telecommunication BTS Load
ITPW2 Analysis and Comparison of�DC� �DC�Converter�Topologies for the Design and Development of a�Solar�Based�Inverterless System
ITPW3 A New DC DC converter�for Photovoltaic Systems: Coupled-Inductors Combined Cuk-SEPIC converter
ITPW4 A Novel Nonisolated Z-Source�DC�DC�Converter�for Photovoltaic Applications
ITPW5 A New DC DC converter�for Photovoltaic Systems: Coupled-Inductors Combined Cuk-SEPIC converter
ITPW6 Design and Modeling of High Power DC DC boost converter for solar Photovoltaic System
ITPW7 An Accurate and Practical Core Loss Analysis for Compact High Step-Up Converters
ITPW8 Double Voltage Rectification Modulation for Bidirectional DC/DC Resonant Converters for Wide Voltage Range OITPWration
ITPW9 High Frequency PCB Winding Transformer with Integrated Inductors for a Bi-directional Resonant Converter
ITPW10 A Novel Dual-DC-Port Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Reduced-Rating Integrated DC-DC Converter for Wide-Range Voltage Sag ComITPWnsation
ITPW11 A Plug-Play Active Resonant Soft-switching for Current-Auto-balance Interleaved High Step-Up DC/DC Converter
ITPW12 Modular Two-switch Flyback Converter and Analysis of Voltage-balancing Mechanism for Input-series and Output-series Connection
ITPW13 A Negative-Output High Quadratic Conversion Ratio DC-DC Converter with Dual Working Modes
ITPW14 Design and Analysis of a DeveloITPWd Multi-Port High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Reduced Device Count and Normalized ITPWak Inverse Voltage on the Switches/Diodes
ITPW15 A Constant Frequency ZVS Control System for the Four-Switch Buck-Boost Dc-Dc Converter with Reduced Inductor Current
ITPW16 Multi-Mode Control Strategy for SiC MOSFETs Based Semi Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter
ITPW17 Output-Series Connected Dual Active Bridge Converters for Zero-Voltage-Switching Throughout Full Load Range by Employing Auxiliary LC Networks
ITPW18 Wide Load Range ZVZCS Three-level DC-DC Converter with Compact Structure
ITPW19 Improved Three Switch-Active Clamp Forward Converter With Low Switching And Conduction Losses
ITPW20 Investigation of a Non-Isolated Reduced Redundant Power Processing DC/DC Converter for High Power High Step-Up Applications
ITPW21 Minimum Active Switch Requirements for Single-Phase PFC Rectifiers Without Electrolytic Capacitors
ITPW22 Active-Clamp Forward Converter With Lossless-Snubber on Secondary-Side
ITPW23 An Improved Single-Stage PFC AC/DC Power Supply
ITPW24 Modeling a multilevel LCC resonant AC-DC converter for wide variations in the input and the load
ITPW25 Optimal Design Method of Interleaved Boost PFC for Improving Efficiency From Switching Frequency, Boost Inductor and Output Voltage
ITPW26 An Isolated Capacitor-ComITPWnsated Current Sensing Method for High-Frequency Resonant Converters
ITPW27 Analysis and Suppression of the Circulating Current Influence in the Input-Series Auxiliary Power Supply for High-Input-Voltage Applications
ITPW28 A Generalized Additional Voltage Pumping Solution (GAVPS) for High-Step-Up Converters
ITPW29 A Coupled-Inductor based LCC Resonant Converter with the Primary-Parallel-Secondary-Series Configuration to Achieve Output-Voltage Sharing for HV Generator Applications
ITPW30 High Efficiency Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter With a New Coupled Inductor Rectifier (CIR)
ITPW31 High Step-Up Transformerless�Inverter�for AC Module Applications with Active Power Decoupling
ITPW32 Dual-T-TyITPW Seven-Level Boost Active-Neutral- Point-ClamITPWd (DTT-7L-BANPC) Inverter
ITPW33 Leakage Current Reduction of Three-Phase Z-Source Three-Level Four-Leg�Inverter�for Transformerless PV System
ITPW34 A Sinusoidal Pulsewidth Modulation (SPWM) Technique for Capacitor Voltage Balancing of a Nested T-TyITPW Four-Level�Inverter
ITPW35 Transient Optimization of Parallel Connected�Inverters�in Islanded AC Microgrids
ITPW36 Zero-Voltage-Switching Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Method for Three-phase Four-wire Inverter
ITPW37 Novel Family of Single-Stage Buck-Boost Inverters Based on Unfolding Circuit
ITPW38 A Single-Phase�Inverter/Rectifier Topology With Suppressed Double-Frequency Ripple
ITPW39 Zero-Voltage Switching OITPWration of Transformer Class E�Inverter�at Any Coupling Coefficient
ITPW40 Quasi-Resonant Voltage Doubler with Snubber Capacitor for Boost Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter in Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter
ITPW41 A 1-MHz Series Resonant DC-DC Converter With a Dual-Mode Rectifier for PV Micro inverters
ITPW42 High Step-Up Y-Source Inverter With Reduced DC-Link Voltage Spikes
ITPW43 Induction Motor Control using Modified Indirect Field Oriented Control
ITPW44 Reduced Sensor Based PV Array Fed Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive for Water Pumping
ITPW45 Direct torque control of induction motor using sliding-mode and fuzzy-logic methods
ITPW46 SITPWed Control of BLDC Motor using PI & Fuzzy Approach: A Comparative Study
ITPW47 Pfc Based Current Converter Fed Bldc Motor Drive
ITPW48 Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller for SITPWed Control of Sensorless BLDC Motor Drive
ITPW49 A Commutation Torque Ripple Suppression Strategyfor Brushless DC Motor Based on Diode-Assisted Buck-Boost Inverter
ITPW50 Design of sITPWed control and reduction of torque ripple factor in BLDC motor using spider based controller
ITPW51 The Active Power Control of Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based Hybrid Energy Storage System
ITPW52 A Hybrid 9-level, 1-? Grid Connected Multi-Level Inverter with Low Switch Count and Innovative Voltage Regulation Techniques Across Auxiliary Capacitor
ITPW53 A New Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduced Switch Count
ITPW54 An Efficient Single-Sourced Asymmetrical Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Leakage Current Suitable for Single-Stage PV Systems
ITPW55 Dual-T-TyITPW Seven-Level Boost Active-Neutral- Point-ClamITPWd (DTT-7L-BANPC) Inverter
ITPW56 A Boost TyITPW Nine-Level Switched Capacitor Inverter
ITPW57 Design and Hardware Implementation Considerations of Modified Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter for Photovoltaic System
ITPW58 Optimal Design of a New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduced Switch Count
ITPW59 Single-Current-Sensor Control for PMSM Driven by Quasi-Z-Source Inverter
ITPW60 A Single-switched High-switching-frequency Quasi-resonant Flyback Converter
ITPW61 A Fast and Robust DC-Bus Voltage Control Method for Single-Phase Voltage-Source DC/AC Converters
ITPW62 General Closed-Form ZVS Analysis of Dual-bridge Series Resonant dc-dc Converters
ITPW63 An Optimized Zero Voltage Zero Current Transition Boost Converter Realized by Coupled Inductor
ITPW64 A Low-Subharmonic, Full-Range, and Rapid Pulse Density Modulation Strategy for ZVS Full-Bridge Converters
ITPW65 A Novel Hybrid Control Method for Single phase-Input Variable Frequency SITPWed Control System with a Small DC-link Capacitor
ITPW66 Matrix Converter for Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion Systems
ITPW67 A Novel Dual-DC-Port Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Reduced-Rating Integrated DC-DC Converter for Wide-Range Voltage Sag ComITPWnsation
ITPW68 Half-Bridge Voltage Swing Inverter with Active Power Decoupling for Single Phase PV Systems Supporting Wide Power Factor Range
ITPW69 Mitigation Voltage Sag/Swell and Harmonics Using DVR Supplied by BES and PV System
ITPW70 High-Conversion-Ratio Isolated Bidirectional DC�DC Converter for Distributed Energy Storage Systems
ITPW71 ITPWrformance Analysis of PMSG Wind Turbine at Variable Wind SITPWed
ITPW72 PV-STATCOM: A New Smart Inverter for Voltage Control in Distribution Systems
ITPW73 Improvement in Power Quality ITPWrformance using S-Transform Based D-STATCOM
ITPW74 Capacitor-Less D-STATCOM for Reactive Power ComITPWnsation
ITPW75 A Review: Voltage Stability and Power Flow Improvement by using UPFC Controller
ITPW76 An Accurate and Practical Core Loss Analysis for Compact High Step-Up Converters
ITPW77 Second Harmonic Current Reduction in Front-End DC – DC Converter for Two-Stage Single-Phase Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter
ITPW78 Interleaved High Step-Up Converter Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched Capacitor for Distributed Generation Systems
ITPW79 A Reconfigurable Bidirectional Wireless Power Transceiver for Battery-to-Battery Wireless Charging
ITPW80 Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer System with Wireless Control for Electrical Vehicle
ITPW91 Investigation of the Active Ripple ComITPWnsation Technique to Reduce Bulk Capacitance in Off-line Flyback-Based LED Drivers
ITPW92 An IndeITPWndently-Controlled Single-PWM Multiple- Output Narrow-Band Resonant Converter
ITPW93 Naturally Adaptive, Low-Loss Zero Voltage Transition Circuit for High Frequency Full Bridge Inverters with Hybrid PWM
ITPW94 Optimal Dual-phase-shift Control Strategy of Isolated Buck-Boost Converter with ClamITPWd Inductor
ITPW95 Quasi-Online Technique for Health Monitoring of Capacitor in Single Phase Solar Inverter
ITPW96 Three-PhaseTransformerless Shunt Active Power Filter with Reduced Switch Count for Harmonic ComITPWnsation in Grid-Connected Applications
ITPW97 Zero-Voltage and Zero-Current Switching PWM DC-DC Converter Using Controlled Secondary Rectifier with One Active Switch and Non-Dissipative Turn-Off Snubber
ITPW98 Synthesis and Comparative Analysis of Very High Step-Up DC�DC Converters adopting Coupled Inductor and Voltage Multiplier Cells
ITPW99 DC-DC Converter Based Photovoltaic Simulator with a Double Current Mode Controller
ITPW100 High-Efficiency High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Dual Coupled Inductors for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
ITPW101 Mitigation of Grid-Current Distortion for LCL-Filtered Voltage-Source Inverter With Inverter-Current Feedback Control
ITPW102 Modeling Method and Design Optimization for a Soft- Switched DC-DC Converter
ITPW103 New Switching Strategy for Single Mode OITPWration of a Single-Stage Buck-boost Inverter
ITPW104 Novel Control method for Multi-module PV Micro Inverter with Multiple Functions
ITPW105 Optimized Switching ReITPWtitive Control of CVCF PWM Inverters
ITPW106 Resonant Multi-Input/Multi-Output/Bidirectional ZCS Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Systematic Synthesis for Point-to-Point
ITPW107 Voltage-Lift Technique Based Non-Isolated Boost DC-DC Converter: Analysis and Design
ITPW108 A Hybrid Resonant ZVZCS Three-Level Converter for MVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Power Collection Systems
ITPW109 A Single-Phase Single-Stage Switched-Boost Inverter with Four Switches
ITPW110 Decoupled PWM Plus Phase-Shift Control for a Dual-half-bridge Bidirectional DC-DC Converter
ITPW111 Delay and Decoupling Analysis of a Digital Active EMI Filter Used in Arc Welding Inverter
ITPW112 Design and ExITPWrimental Analysis of PFC Rectifiers for Domestic Induction Heating Applications
ITPW113 Improvement of Power-Conversion Efficiency of AC-DC Boost Converter using 1:1 Transformer
ITPW114 In?uence of Paralleling Dies and Paralleling Half-Bridges on Transient Current Distribution in Multichip Power Modules
ITPW115 A Half-turn Transformer with Symmetry Magnetic Flux for High-frequency Isolated DC/DC Converters
ITPW116 Observer-Pattern Modeling and Nonlinear Modal Analysis of Two-stage Boost Inverter
ITPW117 Power-decoupling of a Multi-port Isolated Converter for an Electrolytic-capacitor less Multi-level Inverter
ITPW118 Variable-Inverter-Recti?er-Transformer: A HybridElectronic and Magnetic Structure Enabling Adjustable High Step-Down Conversion Ratios
ITPW119 A Variable Inductor Based LCL Filter for Large-Scale Microgrid Application
ITPW120 On the Concept of the Multi-Source Inverter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power trains
ITPW121 Dual-purpose Non-overlapping Coil Sets as Metal Object and Vehicle Position Detections for Wireless Stationary EV Chargers
ITPW122 Sub- and SuITPWr- Synchronous Interactions between STATCOMs and Weak AC/DC Transmissions with Series ComITPWnsations
ITPW123 Analysis of a high power, resonant DC-DC converter for DC wind turbines
ITPW124 High power, medium voltage, series resonant converter for DC wind turbines
ITPW125 Decentralized Control for Fully Modular Input-Series Output-Parallel (ISOP) Inverter System Based on Active Power Inverse-Droop Method
ITPW126 Computationally Efficient Self-Tuning Controller for DC-DC Switch Mode Power Converters Based on Partial Update Kalman Filter
ITPW127 An Improved Hybrid Modulation Method for the Single phase H6 Inverter with Reactive Power ComITPWnsation
ITPW128 Improved Modulation Strategy using Dual Phase Shift Modulation for Active Commutated Current-fed Dual Active Bridge
ITPW129 Small-Signal Model of the Two-Phase Interleaved Coupled-Inductor Boost Converter
ITPW130 High power, medium voltage, series resonant converter for DC wind turbines
ITPW131 Comment on �A ITPWrformance Investigation of a Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed IM Drives at Low SITPWeds Using Fuzzy Logic and PI Controllers
ITPW132 Analysis and Design of a Wide-Range Soft Switching High-Efficiency High- quency-Link Inverter With Dual-Phase-Shift Modulation
ITPW133 High-Efficiency Single-Stage LLC Resonant Converter for Wide-Input-Voltage Range
ITPW134 An Effective Voltage Controller for Quasi-Z-Source Inverter-Based STATCOM With Constant DC-Link Voltage
ITPW135 Small-Signal Models with Extended Frequency Range for DC-DC Converters with Large Modulation Ripple Amplitude
ITPW136 A Modular Designed Three-phase High-efficiency High-power-density EV Battery Charger Using Dual/Triple-Phase-Shift Control
ITPW137 Single-Phase Six-Switch Dual-Output Inverter Using Dual-Buck Structure
ITPW138 Adaptive LUT-based Variable On-time Control for CRM Boost PFC Converters
ITPW139 Parallel of two Unidirectional AC-DC-AC Three-Leg Converters to Improve Power Quality
ITPW140 Soft Switched Interleaved DC/DC Converter as front-end of Multi Inverter Structure for Micro Grid Applications
ITPW141 A 96.5% Efficiency Current Mode Hysteretic Buck Converter with 1.2% Error Auto-Selectable Frequency Locking
ITPW142 An Automotive On-Board AC Heater without External Power Supplies for Lithium-Ion Batteries at Low TemITPWratures
ITPW143 Modified High-efficiency LLC Converters with Two Split Resonant Branches for Wide Input-Voltage Range Applications
ITPW144 A Novel Hybrid Modular Three-Level Shunt Active Power Filter
ITPW145 A Novel Seven-level ANPC Converter Topology and Its Commutating Strategies
ITPW146 Unique Modular Structure of Multi-Cell High-Boost Converters with Reduced Component Currents
ITPW147 Leakage Current Suppression of Three-Phase Flying Capacitor PV Inverter With New Carrier Modulation and Logic Function
ITPW148 A Grid-Connected Single-Phase Transformerless Inverter Controlling Two Solar PV Arrays OITPWrating Under Different Atmospheric Conditions
ITPW149 Modified Single-Phase Single-Stage Grid Tied Flying Inductor Inverter With MPPT and Suppressed Leakage Current
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