Machine Learning
1 ITPYML01 Prediction of air quality using supervised machine learning approach
2 ITPYML02 Prediction of network attacks using SMLT
3 ITPYML03 Prediction of Crop yield and cost using ML method
4 ITPYML04 Heart stroke disease prediction using ML
5 ITPYML05 Prediction of flood by rainfall using MLP classifier of neural network model
6 ITPYML06 Prediction of user purchased a product a product on social network advertisement using SMLT
7 ITPYML07 Brand E-Commerce
8 ITPYML08 Chronic kidney disease prediction
9 ITPYML09 Diagnose of lung cancer prediction using ensemble learning
10 ITPYML10 Stock price prediction using Machine Learning Technique
11 ITPYML11 Real and fake job posting using Machine Learning Approach
12 ITPYML12 Google play store classification using SMLT
13 ITPYML13 GUI Based Covid-19 patients precondition using SMLT
14 ITPYIP01 Detection of human facial expression using deep learning technique
15 ITPYIP02 Plant leaf Disease Recognition using Deep learning approach
16 ITPYIP03 Person Re-Identification of visualization with deep learning technique
17 ITPYIP04 Weather classification using CNN
18 ITPYIP05 Emoji classification using Deep Learning
19 ITPYIP06 Animal classification using CNN (Le Net)
20 ITPYIP07 Genetic disorder classification
21 ITPYIP08 Covid-19 Human mask identification using Deep Learning technique
22 ITPYIP09 Human signature verification using CNN with TensorFlow Deployment using Django framework
23 ITPYIP10 Leaf (rice) disease classification using Deep Learning Deployment using web framework
24 ITPYIP11 MRI Image Classification of brain Tumor using Deep Neural Network Deployment using web framework
25 ITPYIP12 Fire detection build on CNN with Cam
26 ITPYIP13 Detection of distracted drivers on the road using Deep learning approach
27 ITPYIP14 Detection of distracted drivers on the road using Deep learning approach
28 ITPYIP15 Indian new currency notes classification using SDLT and Deployment Using web framework
29 ITPYIP16 Digit classification using deep learning technique and deployment using Django framework
30 ITPYIP17 Fruits classification using Keras with TensorFlow and deployment in web application
31 ITPYIP18 Hand Gesture recognition using Deep learning Technique
32 ITPYIP19 Covid-19 tweets classification using RNN in Deep learning
33 ITPYIP20 Implementation of coloring black and white images using Computer Vision Technique
34 ITPYIP21 Road Pothole classification using Deep Learning Technique and deployment using Django
35 ITPYIP22 Covid-19 Pneumonia classification using deep learning Technique
36 ITPYIP23 Alzheimer disease classification using Artificial neural network
37 ITPYIP24 Attendance management system using face recognition
38 ITPYIP25 Smart voting system through facial recognitions
39 ITPYIP26 Vehicle number plate recognition using Deep learning Technique
40 ITPYIP27 Object tracking system using deep learning technique
41 ITPYIP28 Gender recognition using different voice signals Using Deep learning Technique
42 ITPYDJ01 Online college admission management system using Django framework
43 ITPYDJ02 Covid-19 Hospital appointment management system using Django framework
44 ITPYDJ03 E-Farming Business maintenance using Django framework
45 ITPYDJ04 Grocery store information system using Django Framework
46 ITPYDJ05 Car rent booking system using Django Framework
47 ITPYBT01 Vegetable Disease Detection Using K-Means Clustering And Svm
48 ITPYBT02 Classification Of Plant Leaf Diseases Using Machine Learning And Image Preprocessing Techniques
49 ITPYBT03 Classification of Breast Cancer using PNN Classifier based on GLCM Feature Extraction and GMM Segmentation
50 ITPYBT04 Kidney Stone Detection Using Neural Networks
51 ITPYBT05 Performance analysis of Brain Tumour Image Classification using CNN and SVM
52 ITPYBT06 Detection of Potato Disease Using Image Segmentation and Machine Learning
53 ITPYBT07 Computerized Classification of CT Lung Images using CNN with Watershed Segmentation
54 ITPYBT08 Banana Ripeness Analysis Using Reflectance and Photoluminescence
55 ITPYBT09 Advanced Skin Diseases Diagnosis Leveraging Image Processing
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