146 ITRSB01 Raspberry pi based Intelligent Reader for Visually Impaired Persons
147 ITRSB02 Indoor Intrusion Detection and Filtering System Using Raspberry Pi
148 ITRSB03 Design of smart home controller based on raspberry PI
149 ITRSB04 Automatic Identification of Vehicle Plate Number using Raspberry Pi
150 ITRSB05 Detection of Vehicle Maximum Speed with an Infrared Sensor Based on Raspberry Pi 3 b +
151 ITRSB06 Automated Exterior Wall Painting Robot Using Raspberry Pi
152 ITRSB07 Low Cost Extended Wireless Network Using Raspberry Pi 3B+
153 ITRSB08 Braille Book Reader using Raspberry Pi
154 ITRSB09 Secure Home Entry Using Raspberry Pi with Notification via Telegram
155 ITRSB10 An intelligent baby monitoring system based on Raspberry PI, IoT sensors and convolutional neural network
156 ITRSB11 Real Time Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting Using Raspberry-Pi
157 ITRSB12 Intelligent HMI and Control for Steering a Powered Wheelchair Using a Raspberry Pi Microcomputer
158 ITRSB13 Automated Motion Detection Security System Notifier using Raspberry Pi with Telegram
159 ITRSB14 Design and Implementation of Advanced Automatic Driving System using Raspberry Pi
160 ITRSB15 Face Recognition Based Smart Attendance System
161 ITRSB16 Voice Assisted and Gesture Controlled Companion Robot
162 ITRSB17 24�7 Smart IoT based Integrated Home Security System
163 ITRSB18 Surveillance Camera using IoT and Raspberry Pi
164 ITRSB19 MobileNet Neural Network skin disease detector with Raspberry pi Integrated to Telegram
165 ITRSB20 Image Text Reader for Visually Impaired in Desired Language
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