96 ITROB01 Gesture-based Contactless Control of Mobile Manipulators using Capacitive Sensing
97 ITROB02 Navigation Command Matching for Vision-based Autonomous Driving
98 ITROB03 Exploiting Object Similarity for Robotic Visual Recognition
99 ITROB04 Mobile Robot Swarm Navigation and Communication Using LoRaWan
100 ITROB05 Increasing Accessibility of Electric Vehicles with Joystick Based Drive-By-Wire Model
101 ITROB06 Design of a Biped Water Supply Robot Based on Single Chip Microcomputer
102 ITROB07 Low power Smart Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring, Collision avoidance and Antitheft System
103 ITROB08 Design of Intelligent Agricultural Greenhouse Control System Based on Single-chip Microcomputer
104 ITROB09 Automated Exterior Wall Painting Robot Using Raspberry Pi
105 ITROB10 IoT-Based Smart Shopping Cart Using Radio Frequency Identification
106 ITROB11 Integration of the Mobile Robot and Internet of Things to Monitor Older People
107 ITROB12 Design, Implementation, and Controlling of a Humanoid Robot
108 ITROB13 OmBURo: A Novel Unicycle Robot with Active Omnidirectional Wheel
109 ITROB14 Military Support and Rescue Robot
110 ITROB15 Intuitive Voice Controlled Robot for Obstacle, Smoke and Fire Detection for Physically Challenged People
111 ITROB16 Arduino based Automated Sports Court Drawing Bot
112 ITROB17 Design and Development of IoT-based Robot
113 ITROB18 Floor Cleaning Robot using Bluetooth Technology
114 ITROB19 Land-Mine Detection Robot using Wireless Technology
115 ITROB20 Autonomous Vehicle with the Aid of Computer Vision
116 ITROB21 Farm Irrigation Robot using Image processing
117 ITROB22 Smart Solar Grass Cutter Robot
118 ITROB23 Medical Assist Robot for Isolated Ward Patient in Hospital
119 ITROB24 Fire Fighting Robot
120 ITROB25 MEMS Based Gesture Control Robot using Wireless Communication
121 ITROB26 Autonomous Vehicle in Obstacle Free EnvironmenT
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