84 ITRSS01 COVID Patient Escape Alert System from Isolation Ward using RSSI
85 ITRSS02 RSSI based School Zone Alert System for Vehicles to Avoid Accidents
86 ITRSS03 Sea-way Border Alert System for the Person in the Boat by Implementing RSSI
87 ITRSS04 Leaving the Space for Emergency Vehicle by using RSSI.
88 ITRSS05 Prisoner Escape Alert System to the Warden Inside the Prison
89 ITRSS06 Child Missing Alert System for Parent in Public Places by RSSI
90 ITRSS07 Boundary Crossing Intimation to Soldier from Camp by using RSSI
91 ITRSS08 Implementation of RSSI for Mentally Unstable Person in Particular Parameter
92 ITRSS09 Sand Theft Prevention by Implementing RSSI
93 ITRSS10 Smart Way to Catch Theft Vehicle and Theft Person using RSSI
94 ITRSS11 Personal Assistant for Visually Impaired People in Malls using RSSI
95 ITRSS12 A System for Detection and Tracking of Human Movements using RSSI
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