181 ITWL01 A LoRa Based Wireless Relay Network for Actuator Data
182 ITWL02 IOT Based Wireless Sensor Network for Air Pollution Monitoring
183 ITWL03 Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network as Fire Detector using Arduino Nano
184 ITWL04 Arduino-Based Wireless Motion Detecting System
185 ITWL05 Design and Implementation of Bionic Manipulator System with Wireless Control
186 ITWL06 Wireless Hand Gesture Recognition for an Automatic Fan Speed Control System: Rule-Based Approach
187 ITWL07 Design and Implementation of Portable Smart Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Control System
188 ITWL08 Low Power Wireless Data Transfer for Internet of Things: GSM Network Measuring Results
189 ITWL09 Implementation of an IoT based Pet Care System
190 ITWL10 Analysis of the Water Quality Monitoring System
191 ITWL11 IoT based Smart Parking System: A Proposed Algorithm and Model
192 ITWL12 Design of Intelligent Voice Message Doorbell Based on Microcontroller
193 ITWL13 Design and Realization of Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate Sensor Nodes in Wireless Body Area Network
194 ITWL14 Bus Arrival Information System for Passenger
195 ITWL15 An Improved Version of Student Attendance Management System based on RFID
196 ITWL16 Smart Guide Stick for Blind Using Zigbee
197 ITWL17 Air Pollution Monitoring System using Wireless Network.
198 ITWL18 Remotely Monitoring Health of The Solar Power System Using Arduino
199 ITWL19 Zigbee Based Agricultural Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network
200 ITWL20 Early Flood Detection and Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
201 ITWL21 Internet Controlled Car
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